Binary Designs is a small independent web technology specialist based in Chorley, Lancashire. We deliver cost-effective solutions to your business needs by providing three key services:

Website Design

We build web sites that fulfil your business and marketing requirements, and deliver them to suit your budget.

We build advanced database driven sites which are cost-effective to maintain and can meet the demands of your organisation as it expands.

In situations where a simpler approach makes sense, we can deliver cost-effective static web sites, allowing you to create an online presence from a smaller initial outlay.

Website Redesign

The chances are that you have a website already, but it's probably ready for some small improvements or even a complete redesign.

We will carry out an assessment to understand what you need from your website and then look at how well your existing site meets those objectives. Where there are shortcomings we will put forward proposals to enhance (or even streamline) your site and make it easier to maintain and improve, saving you money.

Web Applications

The web is not just about web sites - it can be used to deliver your business applications and provide instant access to information from anywhere.

Does your office infrastructure consist of a number of separate systems and databases which you have to constantly switch between? Perhaps you have information that you access frequently, such as customer or supplier contacts information, which isn’t even in a searchable database. We can solve these issues and bring your information sources together into a single place which users access via a web browser, requiring no special software to be installed.