Promotional items for an airline

Did you know that several airlines across the world initiated the use of promotional products? If you are a frequent traveler then, you might have noticed the aircrew and air hostesses distributing a selection of branded items to the passengers. It may include tissue packs, food trays, cushions, and other essential items branded with the name and logo for the airline.

Airlines across the globe depend on promotional items for putting a good word to their passengers as well as they distribute promotional items to the passengers for expressing their gratitude for travelling with them. Any local or international airline is likely to distribute the following range of promotional products to their passengers:

Personal care amenities

If you are taking a long flight then, you would be expected to use hand soaps, moisturiser and sanitiser gel for personal care. However, most airports forbid the passengers from carrying such items in their handbags but, instead, the airlines are advised to give branded personal care amenities to their passengers. A pack of personal care items include refreshing tissue, hand soap, hand sanitising gel, and body lotion that a passenger can use throughout the course of the flight.

Blindfolds and blankets

There is nothing more aggravating than not being able to sleep in a long flight. Airlines should take the responsibility to provide the passengers with blindfolds and blankets branded with their logo and name, so they could sleep peacefully.


Any airline would expect junior passengers; so they should make arrangements for them to provide branded toys to the kids. Kids would be happy to receive the toys provided exclusively by the airline, and it would also keep them calm and steady during the flight—which is a relief for most parents travelling with their kids.