Marketing strategies

The best digital & webmarketing strategies

There are several useful web marketing strategies to promote a product or a company on the Internet. The content strategy attracts and retains your target audience. SEO and SEA generate traffic and visibility.

Content marketing creates and promotes engaging and relevant content to attract customers, like the case of As for influencer marketing, this strategy uses influencers to promote a service.

Digital agencies

Services adapted to the needs of the client

Several Web services can be adapted to the expectations of customers. This is the case of e-commerce solutions, development and design of websites and customized web applications, technical support and maintenance, integration, customization and CMS development. The 360° communication agency works on the strategy and optimization of content.

The missions of a webdesign agency consist in analyzing and optimizing the performance of a website, creating digital ads and banners, developing mobile applications, managing social media.

Digital media

Personalized support for your communication

There are several digital communication tools as well as various personalized digital supports allowing to elaborate a digital strategy for your communication. The right digital supports boost your visibility, like


Showcase sites

Stand out from the competition by creating a remarkable showcase site to present your company or your activity.

Social networks

The innovative features of new social platforms are attracting more and more Internet users.

Newsletters & E-mailing

If the e-mailing has a commercial aim, the newsletter is linked to your actions and your brand.

Web development

How to develop for mobile?

Start by selecting the appropriate programming language: Android, iOS, Windows Phone… To develop an iOS app, use Objective-C or Swift. Android tools work with Java. You need to master C# to create a Windows Phone application. To manage your application more easily, you need to develop a clear and coherent architecture.

Elaboration of a digital comm' strategy

A digital communication strategy must remain consistent and be applied over a long period of time. When you create an editorial plan, you must plan your content. The development of a digital strategy takes into account the deadlines.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Most mobile applications are distributed on download platforms.

Banner ads

The objective of a banner ad is to attract traffic from the advertiser’s website.

Corporate videos

Make corporate videos by filming interviews with various profiles to reach several categories of targets.

Design creation

Attractive visual and modern content

Creating a design means creating visual elements for an application, a website, a logo, an advertising campaign… Develop modern content with attractive visuals that effectively convey a message or an idea. When you create a design, you must use a font that is adapted to the content, readable and consistent with your brand’s visual identity.